From the very start of our work, we have been building a business according to the principles of corporate social responsibility. We not only create new jobs, but also train our specialists. They regularly take internships abroad with our partners, which are well-known international companies in the sector.

We act responsibly in the way we use water in our operations and avoid excessive consumption. For this we have introduced a fully-automated micro-irrigation system. So, we only water our trees when it is necessary.

We are proud that our business is truly "green". By planting a large number of trees and constantly increasing our plantations, we are contributing to making the planet green and fighting global warming.


We are the first Ukrainian vertically-integrated company with a full cycle of growing, processing and packaging of walnuts, which has introduced a professional and high-tech approach to cultivation of this crop. We will be glad to become your reliable partner for the uninterrupted delivery of walnuts, both in shell, and shelled, to any corner of the world.

Our advantages include: оur own walnut orchards, nuts in shell and shelled are available, our own processing plant, which undertakes the preparation, calibration, drying, cracking and packaging of nuts, laboratory quality control of walnuts, ensuring compliance with the product requirements set by traders and food manufacturing corporations, free delivery of samples at a customer's request to any country in the world, convenient payment terms, forward contracts


United by professionalism and passion for what they do - from workers in the walnut orchards to the technologists and agronomists who work at the UKRAINIAN WALNUT company.

We are happy that the art of growing walnuts is our daily work.
Experienced specialists in our international team are working every single day to ensure that our customers receive a quality product – selected walnuts in shell and shelled. On time and in the required quantity.


Thanks to the effective management of the walnut orchard, we are constantly increasing its area, receiving high yields and preserving natural resources


We have introduced advanced world technologies for growing and processing walnuts in Ukraine at the professional level


We are contributing to making the planet green by planting large numbers of trees